Blank screen with A32NX

Since yesterday my screens (ND, PFD, ECAM and MCD) no longer light on the A320Neo when the A32NX mode is activated. When it is not activated (removed from the Community folder) everything works properly.
But with the A32NX mode, it’s impossible to turn the screens on. I specify that I only have the A32NX mode in the community folder so I don’t think of an addon conflict.
I tried all the start procedures (Cold an dark, with Ctrl-E, or directly on the runway) and in any case, the screens remain black, although the brightness buttons are at maximum.
I read somewhere that it had something to do with the cache but I didn’t quite understand it… Anyone have an idea?
Thank you in advance.
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I got the same Problem,
Hope somebody can help
Greetings Bodo

Indeed, everyone has had this problem since the last MSFS update on March 11. The stable version no longer works. You have to use the development version. There are still bugs, but not the black screens. The team is working hard to bring back a stable version compatible with the latest MSFS update.
I hope that answer will help you.
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I had the same problem. All my displays went black. I installed the Custom version and it works great. I hope this helps.