Dynamic Virtual Co-Pilot for Checklists v2.0

The Dynamic Virtual Co-Pilot is a VoiceAttack profile that will audibly call out YOUR OWN checklist items for any aircraft. Simply create a list of checklist items in a text file, point the profile to that file, and the Virtual Co-Pilot will walk you through the checklist items when commanded.

A PDF file is included with setup and instructions for use. Below is a short YouTube video that shows the simple process and an example of using the Virtual Co-Pilot.

Video: https://youtu.be/_9i0EnDm4HA

Note: A registered version of the VoiceAttack program is required to use the Dynamic Virtual Co-Pilot.

UPDATE. Version v2.0 includes a modification to the profile that allows other VoiceAttack commands to be executed while a checklist is being performed.

Dynamic Virtual Co-Pilot for Checklists v2.0