MSFS Getting Worse?

I’m not a moaner…I promise but I wanted to know if anyone else is having the same problems as me.

Since the inception of MSFS I’ve noticed a deterioation in stability overall and a degredation of graphics across the board. We all know the problems with AP in certain aircraft but the sim overall seems to be going in the wrong direction, at least my install is.

Am I alone?

I have to be honest, lately I’m under a similar impression. Specially this latest version always crashes to desktop on first launch, I have to open MSFS again and then it works. It also feels like the “graininess” is more pronounced.

But I continue to enjoy flying there immensely. I don’t fly the big jets so the AP problems are not a big issue to me, although in the TBM I had some small problems in the past.

I guess, with MSFS, our overall spirit should be more “ok, we are beta testing this flight simulator and the potential is enormous”, rather that “this thing is kinda broken and should have been in development for two more years”.

I for one am happy to have MSFS in it’s current state, but indeed it can get frustrating sometimes.

I think you make a fair point.

The biggest issue for me isnt so much the general state of things, its as you say its degraded over time. From seeing how it was the week of release compared to now its pretty bad.

The biggest issue for me currently is LOD and photogrammetry in general. It is awful.

That said, im also not a moan and generally enjoy my time in the sim. Im in for the long haul for sure!

HELLO,cannot comment on lods and tech stuff, just a user and ac driver, now accustomed to driving the chair- but- getting used to finding my way around 2020, finding the dcenery is very dissapointing at times, recently tried a round london trip , surprised at the accuracy and placement of the new scenery- finding there hase been great detail applied by the developers- . Now, beetling over to EGOV and find this Raf stn has been updated, with the buildings just about coordinated with real time, but-the developers have placed scenery aircraft which do not apply plus some spitfires parked with their fuselage parallel to the ground , obviously hanging by sky hooks- yes trivial, one might say ,but seeing as how much detail is currently shown in the scenery and airports-its these little trivia that spoil the whole picture…

Worse for me has been the “lift” bug. The Shock Ultra is basically an helicopter now!