MSFS takes longer to start as the Community file grows

Has anyone noticed that as the Community folder grows with addons the time it takes for Flight Sim to start up ready to fly grows longer and longer? Anyone figured out if there is a way around this?

That’s normal, I experience the same. Since the sim needs to load an increasing number of files, it takes its time.

I worked the problem out by loading everything into folders in my basic addon folder. This way everything is set on red. When I want to fly I pick my aircraft and turn it or them green then I choose where I want to fly and if I have downloaded any extra scenery I turn them green. All the stuff in areas I do not intend to fly don’t load. I use the included launcher when ready to fly and load times are back to minimum. I figure that in two years that may save 20-30 minutes of load time. You can also create presets using any aircraft and scenery you want to load together so you don’t have to set things up every time. I’m using msfs addon Linker.


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