MSFS2020 crashes in Iceland and Italy

I have a problem with the simulator crashing continuously at the same spots and countries. Has anyone of you got the same issues? I hope one of you can be of any help.
For some time it happens when flying to Italy, from Switserland and Austria, coming closer to the border, the simulator crashes without warning.
The same happens in Iceland. I cannot fly the latest landing challenge at airport BIIS. Even flying from the central north of Iceland towards BIIS, some 20-25 miles before, the simulator crashes.

And only a few minutes ago the same happened in Norway in the Airbus H135. Once at a sudden, without any warning or so, the simulator crashes.

What might be causing it?
The weird thing is that flying around in other countries like New Zealand, the US or Canada, or even other parts of Europe, works flowlessly.

I sincerley hope someone can help me out.

Many thanks in advance,