Navigation & Flight Planning

For those of you new to MSFS2020, welcome to your new obsessive hobby!

To help people understand how to navigate using VOR & GPS navaids, I created a low cost eBook, Navigation & Flight Planning in MSFS 2020. You’ll learn how to:

  • Introduce the basics of air navigation using both ground based and satellite navaids
  • Provide familiarization with analog navigation instrumentation, much of which is still applicable in modern aircraft
  • Provide familiarization with the modern glass cockpit, using the Garmin G1000 as a starting point
  • Learn how to use an autopilot for enroute navigation and landing approaches
  • Understand the charts, maps and diagrams used for flight planning
  • Learn how to plan a flight from start to finish in MSFS 2020
  • Understand how to fly a precise route using VOR or GPS navigation
  • Understand how to fly an approach using VOR or RNAV
  • Understand how to do a precision instrument landing using ILS

This and more at

Thanks, and let me know if you have any questions.