Rafferty Flight - A new economy application for MSFS!

I’m releasing a new addon for MSFS that I’ve been working on for quite a while, it’s called Rafferty Flight.

With this addon, you are given the ability to rent an aircraft, fly jobs around the world using your simulator, and earn virtual currency (similar to FSEconomy and OnAir). It provides a more modern look and feel, designed to work on the latest Microsoft Flight Simulator.

It’s currently in very early beta stages, and it will most likely have bugs and unfinished features. I figured I’d get it out there for people to test and give feedback on it.

Note: During the beta the addon will be available free of charge. After the beta it will most likely go to a subscription-based program, or one-time charge. The business model is not set in stone right now.
Players who played during the beta will be given some sort of compensation for helping out and enjoying it.

Rafferty Flight Website