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Welcome to the MSFS Addons Forum, a new place to discuss all the new and best addons and mods for Microsoft Flight Simulator!

To kickstart :flight_departure: the launch of our Forum, we’re partnering with Orbx for a giveaway of an airport of your choice to 10 of our new users! Just signup to the Forum and post at least 1 time, and you’re immediately eligible for the reward!

All new users are eligible, and the 10 randomly selected winners will be announced here next Saturday, November 21.

Take part of our growing community and don’t miss the chance to win one of the stunning airports from Orbx already available for MSFS!

Update! Winners announced below!


very kind guys, keep up the great work!

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great deal! sounds awesome thanks!

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Looking forward to seeing this Forum and Community Grow :slight_smile:

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Finally a community forum just for MSFS!

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Great place to get informed on what’s going on in the MSFS community! Thanks a lot!

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Finally was waiting for this!!!

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I hope this forum takes off - I have been looking for a place focused on addons since launch, good luck.


Orbx are doing gods work this is really nice

And we have winners! :trophy:

We would like to thank you all for joining our community over the last week. Without you we wouldn’t be able to build a place to talk only about addons for MSFS!

As promised, we have an Orbx airport of choice for each of the 10 selected winners who joined us and actively helped jumpstart our forum. They are:


Please check your Inbox for details on how to get your reward!