The best FREE addons and mods for Microsoft Flight Simulator

Our list of the best free addons for MSFS is now due for an update!

What great new free addon or mod should we add next?

Captain, here’s my two cents -


  • Incredibly simple but very effective. Runs great on a tablet and adds immersion to low and slow tours.


  • Planning, mapping, logbook, fleet management + streaming tools. They could easily charge for an application with this depth of quality but no, absolutely free!

Since the launch of MSFS, there is now a growing number of developers, commercial and private, who are profiting to charge for an item, where in the past, with other platforms, it would have been free. For sure, in the distant future, many users will be turned off because the cost of participating in MSFS and it’s beauty will overall be too costly.

MSFSAddons should actively split the site and keep freeware and payware completely separate.

The A32NX mentioned in the original article is case alone for why the community will make this sim outstanding. I look forward to future reccomendations.