VR, A couple of questions?

Hi All,
I’m ashamed to say but at 72 I have never used VR, but with FS2020 I’m a bit tempted to give it a try.
A few questions before I take the plunge.
(1) I suppose there will be a few versions of VR sets on the market, which one would be considered reasonable to give good results ?
(2) Over the years I have built up some flight simulator hardware, Thrustmaster, Logitech, Saitek Etc; would these become redundant. (Some I could probably use by feel/touch)
(3) What happens with outside views ? For example, during flight, at the airport Etc.
(4) I mostly ‘fly’ Air Liners, eg, A320’s, Dreamliners Etc. Is there a big (Noticeable) difference from normal monitor viewing.
Sorry about my ignorance, never too old to try out new technology :grinning:
EDIT…Just been browsing this :- New Oculus Rift S VR Gaming Headset For PC
Would this be suitable ???

Hi Scorp. VR requires quite a powerful computer. Are you comfortable with your current setup? It may not be enough to run MSFS in VR and have a pleasurable experience.

Thanks Captain,
Sorry about the late reply, I’ve been busy getting the garden ready for spring planting :grinning:
I 'THINK’ I’m OK power wise, most of my current settings are High or Ultimate and I get excellent frame rates.
Both graphic card and processor exceed the recommend requirements, my original RAM when I bought this machine (Less than three months ago) was a bit low but I just upgraded it to 32 GIGs (Maximum for this machine).
One thing thats also on my mind is I need to wear :eyeglasses: glasses, so not sure how these would work with VR, or if they would be needed.
Still debating, £300 plus is quite a lot to spend, I’m checking my other games to see if they can use VR.
Thanks again